Montana Gift Corral wanted to increase their online presence. They brought in a team of 3 creatives to begin creating content for their new website. I handled product photography, SEO driven content creation, departmental development, project management, advertisement, analytics reporting, and so much more. With the department being born with my onboarding, there was a lot of content to create and teams to develop. Here is some of my favorite works from the development of the website.

To see their current site:

Product Photography

This was one of my biggest tasks at the company. To have over 8,000 products online meant to have over 8,000 product photos. Many of our vendors were local families and small businesses with little or no product images. After urging them to get a decent lightbox and new camera, I was able to dive into the photography with great results. The images on the website finally looked like something worth buying!

Product Photography

Scenery/Hero Shots

Social Media Content

I also was tasked with photography to help promote their social media. With multiple creatives working on multiple projects, we each rotated weeks and posts for their channels. Here are some of my favorite pieces of created content. 

Brand/Print Material

In between photographing EVERYTHING, scheduling and organizing projects and events, and training team members, I would also design the department budget proposals, business cards, talking cards, and any other print item we needed.  Below are a few examples of print items I designed to help promote the website in-store. They were also cards that were placed into all online orders sent out to drive more traffic to the site.