Switchel was a beverage created centuries ago. The existence of the concoction seemed forgotten and lost in time, until Laura spent a summer overseas working on a winery. She learned of the unique blend and soon crafted her own version. The drink was so delicious, she decided that it was absolutely necessary to spread the drink around with family, friends, and soon to everyone!

One Day...

A quiet lady walked into my office and set down a mason jar full of cloudy liquid. Before I could ask her about her company, she twisted off the cap and made my coworker and I both take a big gulp. First, I tasted the vinegar. Next came the honey, and it finished off with a spicy bite from the ginger. All I can say is I was hooked instantly. She wanted to bottle it and begin selling through kegs in breweries. We needed to create her a brand and a way to get her drink out there! 

STEP 1: Name That Drink!

This was honestly the longest part of the process! We even got to a point where we moved forward with another name, then had to cycle back to the ideation phase! After round 2 of around 45 names, several focus groups, and many survey responses, we decided on Înāltza. 

STEP 2: Create the Brand

Now that we decided on the drink, we needed to establish the brand. This included everything from the basic color schemes to the packaging and signage that will represent the brand.

Color Palette

Using colors that bring an energy to the page, we were able to create an uplifting palette that fit with not only the ingredient flavors, but also with the energetic feeling the brand needed!

Promotional Signage

Laura debuted her switchel in a local brewery, selling the unique beverage through a keg. We used this first taste round as primary audience research. 

We used table cards to introduce Înāltza as a sweet, spicy and tangy beverage. We explained the flavors and also provided some fun facts about the history of switchel and the primary ingredients. 

Surveys were also placed either on the table or were handed out after someone finished their drink.



We designed the surveys to be more engaging, creating a fun interactive portion to the papers. The customers almost enjoyed the survey as much as the drink! 



There were also stickers created to spread the word of the new beverage. Using the 3 main flavors, we used some fun and uplifting wordplay slogans. 

We created coupons to pass out during happy hours or at a festival we worked. They brought in some of our favorite customers and biggest fans!

STEP 3: Launch!

After gathering a bunch of incredible research and building some incredible connections, we decided. Înāltza is going in bottles. Kegs are still in the picture, but getting on a store shelf is the best way to share our delicious beverage. 

Concept designs for the bottles are being created as we speak. Local companies have partnered with Laura and are anxiously awaiting the day we officially launch the beverage. Stay tuned while we continue the Ināltza takeover!