"Embrace the crunch"

Did you know that crickets have more protein percentage wise over beef, pork, and even chicken? Not only that, but it takes 2.000 gallons of water to grow one pound of beef. Crickets? 2 gallons to grow one pound.


Entomophagy (the consumption of insects) has become a diet many people are turning to, not only for the health benefits, but for the ethically responsible production of resources. James and Kathy are jumping into the forefront of a unique solution to a planetary crisis. 

James & Kathy being cute and running a business

Crickets in High Demand?

The farmers grew their crickets in boxes on shelves, maintaining the water, food, humidity and temperature manually for EVERY BOX. The company was growing rapidly and maintaining the demand of crickets box by box seemed impossible. They had so much to produce and could not keep up. The idea of automated farming bins came up in a side conversation during a packaging meeting. We helped them ideate the bins and then illustrated the concept.



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Just add water, structure, 
food, and obviously, 

Prepackaged Farms 

assemble, hatch, grow, repeat

The company planned to implement the design to allow the cricket farming process to be much smoother. With having so many cricket farms all across the country, ensuring it was easy to start growing crickets was the most important aspect of meeting the demands of their sales. 


Being able to send the farmers a box ready to assemble would drastically help the farming process of crickets.



not-so-sustainable packaging

James and Kathy had began grabbing some great clients and farmers, but their packaging wasn't being well-received. Their branding was inconsistent and the material they were using didn't support their brand logic. They began farming crickets to use as a sustainable food source. Their packaging should also be born from a sustainable point of view.

Sustainable, On-Brand, and Praised

We recently launched several new flavors and packaging to follow. They received so much praise and positive feedback from the update from vendors and investors. They also had recently tried a new Kickstarter campaign to support the new flavors. With the packaging update, they were able to more than double their goal in the 30 days they ran the campaign. Needless to say, the brand perception of the company has increased incredible amounts just from a small part of our work. 

What's next? 

Cowboy Cricket continues it's growth.

Alexa and I continue to work side by side with Cowboy Cricket, ideating and designing them the next items needed. We have moved onto shipping boxes, retail displays, and merchandise. we work side by side with the company, meeting with them and helping them continue forward with their brand. It feels good working with a brand trying to help this planet curb climate change. I can't wait to show you what else we come up with!